Holland America Club events Planning:

- March 1, The opening of the 6 week long Tulipalooza festival in Waxahachie. (A million and One Dutch Tulips in bloom).
- March 30, The Tulipalooza celebration, with 22 food and beverage tents, a 5K run, and Music festival in downtown Waxahachie.
- April 28 The Nature Walk at the Rooster Ranch in Waxahachie.
- May 25, End of the Year get together at the VanHouten's in Garland.
- September 1, Annual picnic at the Tamminga's.
- September 22, The Boat tour on Lake Grapevine.
- December 8, The St. Nikolaas party in Euless.
- December 12, The White Elephant party at the VanHouten's in Garland.

- January 12, 2020 our New Years, reception and Oliebollen in Southlake.

(Dates can be subject to change)

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